How Balyayoga® started

Our experience started more than 20 years ago, on a personal journey with yoga.

In 2004, after gaining various teaching experiences and practice with yoga for children in different parts of Europe, we proposed (with our social cooperative) this discipline for children in the local nursery schools in Bari. At that stage, only one class of one nursery school was permitted to have, as an experiment, a workshop of yoga for children. The experience was positive – the teachers, parents and especially the children, received the initiative with enthusiasm. The following year all the remaining sections of the same school joined the project, and in the two subsequent years all other schools linked to this school joined too. Since then, a growing number of every type and level of school offers our yoga workshops to children as part of their education. Currently, we have projects in the Balyayoga method in more than half of the local nursery schools, primary schools and middle schools in the city. This confirms that Bari as a city in Italy has one of the highest levels of yoga workshops in its public schools. In all these years we’ve taught yoga to around 2800 children with an average of 100 children a day, making year-end shows that are open to the public. Our broad experience in the field, our courses for training teachers of yoga for children, first in Milan and Florence, then in Bari, now also in Rome and in other Italian cities and the publication of the book “Yoga for children – Raktim Kishalay “, from Adda publisher, were all an inspiration to be able to systematize this yoga approach for children, turning it into a real method registered under the name of Balyayoga.