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Barbara LadisaBarbara Ladisa

Barbara is an educator, with a degree in Educational Science from the University of Bari, and a practitioner of yoga since 1995. She did Yoga Training for LFT at the Ananda Marga Centre – Zenson di Piave (TV). For several years, she lived with nuns who were teachers of yoga, working as a volunteer. She then went on to become a classroom teacher at the nursery school and kindergarten “Giardino del Sole” (Garden of the Sun) in Verona, and at the Sunrise Nursery and Sunrise Primary School in London. In these schools, she focused on issues related to teaching yoga to children and a Neohumanist education, an educational approach based on the philosophical yogic principles outlined by the teacher and philosopher P.R. Sarkar. Returning to Bari, she began her university education with the intention of broadening her knowledge in the fields of yoga and education by undergoing academic training. Partner and founder of the cooperative Marcovaldo, she has worked for more than ten years in all types of schools, offering yoga classes aimed at children, particularly in the 3 – 6 age range. She is also an external expert and consultant for fine motor skills art activity workshops. Along with Gianni Zollo, she is the author of the book “Yoga for children- Raktim Kishalay” – by Adda publishers, founder of the Balyayoga method – yoga for children, and trainer on the Balyayoga courses for teachers of yoga to children.


Gianni ZolloGiovanni Zollo

Gianni is an educator of minors, a Gestalt counselor, a trainer and a yoga teacher. He became involved in oriental disciplines from a very young age, attending yoga teacher training for several years with Pranakrsnananda Avadhuta, a monk of the Tantric Yoga tradition. He lived a monastic life for three years at various Ashrams of the tantric tradition, including the Ananda Vipasa in the Veronese hills, the center “Sheva Dharma Mission” in Mainz in Germany, and the meditation center “Global Sadvipra training center” in Copenhagen where he obtained his diploma.He continued to concentrate on the discipline of yoga around the world, integrating it with other spiritual paths. In 2000 he started studying the differences and the similarities between the psychologies of yoga with those of the West. He decided to do a masters for three years, after which he obtained a diploma as a Gestalt Counselor (expert in helping relationships and communication) at the ASPIC in Bari.His thesis was: The use of Yoga techniques in helping relationships”. Since then he has created his own unique style in which he creatively blends yoga and counselling. He experiments with the effectiveness of applying yoga techniques to educational activities aimed at children. The president and founder of the association and the cooperative Marcovaldo, he has been teaching yoga for years in primary and secondary schools to 100 -120 children daily. He has held two training courses approved by the Education Office called “Yoga and Theatre” aimed at primary school teachers. He is currently a teacher of the modules “Communication” and “Yoga for Children” at the school for Yoga Teachers, at the Ananda Ashram in Milan. He is certified by Yoga Alliance as a teacher E-RYT 500 and RCYS (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and Children’s Registered Yoga School). He is also author of the book “Yoga for Children- Raktim Kishalay-” by Adda Publishers.